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Let us say right here at the start, our courses are based on hands on experience gained by Tony either as an auctioneer with over 30,000 auctions under his gavel or as a practicing real estate agent working most recently in the beautiful Southern Highlands of NSW (based in Bowral) or formerly in Central Queensland (based in Rockhampton).



The Fountain Auction Academy Courses are divided into four sections:





In all courses, emphasis is put on personal training, done by FAA Principal Tony Fountain, who is also a Certified IV Workplace Trainer.

If you have been scanning this site's pages, you may have noticed that Tony does NOT act as auctioneer on his own auctions as he is a fervent believer that the role of listing agent and auctioneer are two totally different ones - an opinion that sometimes raises controversy within the industry.

What students will receive is the benefit of Tony's 30,000+ real estate auction experience PLUS 44 years experience and observations from conducting auctions for livestock, property and farm and mining equipment in every State and Territory of Australia and in Indonesia, New Zealand and the United States.

Known as "The Flying Auctioneer" (through the 1970s and 80s when he used his own aircraft to fly himself and his staff to auctions), the courses are very much "hands on" and contact with Tony and the FAA does not cease when the course ends.

We believe that these courses will give you real value for your investment and put you on the path for a lifelong career as an auctioneer.

Our aim is not only to "Produce Practical Professionals", it is also to build an Academy whose logo and endorsement is valued by both student and public alike.

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