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There are two groups;

  • the "How To" Guides on selling by the auction marketing method and
  • general real estate and motivational

(1) ~ The "How To" guides

Helping you on your way to earning a six figure income selling real estate

These three e-books will take you through the various stages of the auction marketing system - click here for details

They are:-

Securing the Listing

Click here for details

The Auction Campaign

Click here for details

 Auction Day!

Click here for details

(2) ~ General Real Estate e-books

These cover a variety of real estate related topics including:

  • Motivation
  • Canvassing
  • Database Creation and Management

How to succeed in Real Estate

This small e-book gives you 7 handy tips on how to succeed in real estate.

They are all simple but time proven!

Now available as a downloadable e-book at $5.50


Success Starts With a Dream

  • Now available as a downloadable e-book ~ $9.90
  • This e-book, in address form, has been given by Tony at Conferences and Seminars across Australia and in Indonesia, New Zealand and the USA.
    • The Dreamer of the Day  
    • Dare to Dream  
    • Believe in Yourself
    • Learn with Laughter 
    • Leadership
    • Learning your Trade  
    • Summary  
  • Success Starts with a Dream - $9.90 including GST


The Vendor's Guide to Selling Real Estate by Auction

  • Now available as a downloadable e-book ~ $11.00.
  • This e-book explains in simple terms just what you, as the vendor, should both ask and expect from your chosen agent who will be conducting YOUR auction campaign!

The Vendor's Guide to Selling Real Estate by Auction - $11.00 including GST

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