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What is the FAA Gavel Club

Membership of the Fountain Auction Academy Gavel Club will entitle you to such features as:-

  • A regular Gavel Club Webinar - where you can ask, and answer, questions to do with auctions, be they real estate, livestock, clearing sales, etc. As long as the subject matter revolves around auctions, the Gavel Club Webinar will be the place to be and visit.
  • Regular Gavel Club emails for FAA members only. These will differ to those received by people who subscribe to the FAA "Free Newsletter".
  • Full access to Tony through phone or email with whatever is causing you concern at the time - our FAA "roadside service"!
  • On-line training and interviews with industry leaders including audio sessions.
  • Discounted membership purchase prices on other CDs/DVDs/e-books etc.
  • Entitlement to attend FAA Awards and other functions.

How to join the FAA Gavel Club 


(1) complete this form and

(2) complete payment via PayPal as shown beneath the Membership Form

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An Introductory Membership is now being offered.

The Offer is :

$33.00 per month for Membership of The Gavel Club which gives you access to all of the above PLUS 10% discount on the RRP of all our sale publications.

NOTE~ There is a "trial fee" of $10.00 for your first month!!

Simply click on the Pay Pal button here and follow through.Your membership can be cancelled whenever you wish.


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