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G'day and welcome to Fountain & Co Pty Ltd.

With nearly a century of auctioneering history behind us, I am looking forward to heading into the second.

What a century is has been! From catching trains to attend stock sales to flying our own aircraft to them; from telegram and manual telephone exchanges to the internet for communication. Whilst Fountain & Co has had its ups and downs, as have all businesses that are out there "having a go", we wouldn't be anywhere else!

With a wonderful tool the internet is, making our business - and most probably yours as well - virtually worldwide in access. Who knows what the limit is and where it lies?

What I do know, however, is that these are extraordinarily exciting times in business and that "the world is our oyster" as the saying goes!

I have said many times to friends and associates that "words are our business" and I guess this website, encompassing as it does auctioneering (Fountain & Co), training Fountain Auction Academy, professional speaking The Rainbow Chaser or marketing Jungara Communications shows that.

Welcome then to our world and if we can ever be of help in developing yours please feel very welcome to come right back to us.

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Anthony Fountain
Managing Director

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Fountain & Co Pty Ltd

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