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Tony's auctioneering videos - an eclectic collection!

These auctioneering videos are of both Tony and other auctioneers from many nations ~ enjoy!

Tony in action at the 2011 record breaking Texas Angus sale at Warialda NSW:

"Auctioneers Aria"~ 5 auctioneers and a 20 piece orchestra

This the auction that Tony rates as the most fun filled one he's ever done. Filmed at the 2001 Ray White Real Estate Centenary Conference, watch and then read the background story:

"I was contacted by Ray White's Brisbane Corporate office when I was based in Rockhampton and running the Ray White Rural Rockhampton and Ray White Stud Stock Qld franchises. Instructions were simple "here is your plane fare and be at our office at such and such a time?

Not hearing any tumbrils, I figured I wasn't about to be executed but my surprise did grow when on arriving I found that fellow auctioneers Bruce Smith (Brisbane),Phil Black (Longreach) and Sari Dewi (Jakarta) were also there somewhat bemused about it all.

That feeling only increased when we were bundled into taxis to alight at the Brisbane Conservatory of Music near the Exhibition Grounds! Now being a Johnny cash fan I thought hardly put me into that level of music but, hey, let's go with the flow!

We were met by music industry dynamo Jan Power who created the whole concept after pondering over the musical effect of differing auctioneers chants. She then proceeded to take us through a door where we confronted a full orchestra, ready to roll!

Jan then explained that she wanted each of us to conduct an auction and the orchestra would follow us. As you listen and watch the end product, you will see that each auctioneers "score" is different and matches their delivery speed!

That done we headed off and met again the afternoon of the Conference. No written music- all ad lib - as we again did our stuff in practise.

Come the night and we lads were in dinner suits and Sari in her Indonesian rig and it was "flying by the seat of our pants" as we literally ran the show ad lib!

  • The auctioneers in order of appearance are:
  • Phil Black
  • Paul White (playing the classic art auctioneer type - Paul provides the break between each of our runs)
  • myself
  • Sari Dewi (I was so proud of her as a graduate of one of our FAA Auctioneer schools)
  • Bruce Smith

Ray White Turramurra On Site Auction

This successful auction saw some 9 bidders registered and the property sell for some $28,000 over reserve. Watch how one of the crowd picks up his toddler crawling towards Tony!

One of Tony's great "bugs" about auctioneers is how long they take to get "game on" with the use of the all important Vendor Bid.

The whole concept of the Vendor Bid and its utilisation is given great prominence in all our training courses.

Ray White Wetherill Park (NSW) in-rooms auctions

Tony rates the team at Ray White Wetherill Park, located in south western Sydney, as some of the best auction room operators in the business. This video, with Tony as auctioneer, gives you an indication of their style.

Ray White Castle Hill on-site auction:

 Since this auction, David Choy (the listing agent) has joined the McGrath Real estate network at Castle Hill.

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